Answer: Can a virus travel from one computer to another on a home network?

jc: Can a virus travel from one computer to another on a home network?
I have 3 computers connected in my home through a router. If 1 computer has a virus, can the virus travel through the network to the other 2 computers?



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5 thoughts on “Answer: Can a virus travel from one computer to another on a home network?

  1. Jon P

    Yes.. That’s how many virus’s travel.. It doesn’t understand the concept of “Home Network” and “Internet”.. To a virus, a network is a network, and an unprotected computer is an unprotected computer, wherever it may be in the world.

  2. Jung

    Hi JC

    Yes it can travel especially via email exchange wheb the ports are opened. Make sure you have a good firewall setup on each computer.
    At least , if one gets hit, you can always one of the other 2 computers to salvage your data on the computer that has been infected.

    You should get Malaware Trojan/Virus software. it is FREE and should be use to scan your computers for any attacks. This software detects and kills infected file. We use it a lot in our office because we beta test software and can’t afford to get our drives wiped out.

    If you are interested, just type mbam.exe setup in your search and it will automatically take you there. Just click on the mbam setup and it will down and install in minutes and will also perform a quick scan.
    This is better than AVG and the other useless stuff on the market.

  3. Bascat

    I agree with delabeaux,
    some virusses are just to deleting and infection on your computer
    some spred out on the network, and these are normally called “Worms” they jumps from computer to computer and infects,
    Get a good firewall (maybe a comodo firewall) and delete the virus with a antivirus program,
    i can help you if you got problem with deleting the virus..


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