How can I put all the data from my old computer onto my new computer?

Jake S: How can I put all the data from my old computer onto my new computer?
I just bought a new computer, and i want to backup my hard drive on the old computer and put it all onto my new computer. What is the easiest way to do this?


🙂 trey
easiest is a relative term, but the easiest way for most people is to get an external hard drive that is able to hold everything on your hard drive and transfer only what you want to send to the new computer, dont just copy and paste everything on the old one to the new one as that can cause issues.

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5 thoughts on “How can I put all the data from my old computer onto my new computer?

  1. mcc

    I purchased an external drive and transferred everything there – as I needed it I moved or copied to my other computer – I also use it as a back up.

  2. Samy

    Looks like you don’t want to spend any money, or any of your precious time in doing that, well……….that’s the easiest. But unfortunately its not possible.
    Fortunately, there is something that you can do. Take out the hard drive of your old PC to the new one, and make that drive as a salve and open up your computer. You can see your older drive there and copy all you want to the new one, PLUS, you may need not to replace anything at all, just keep your drive there, it is additional space plus your data on your new computer! See! how easy!

    AGAIN, unfortunately, if your new computer and older computer does not have the same type of hard drive, then you may be in problem. That is a SATA hard and IDE hard. You cannot place a SATA hard in place of a IDE hard. To make it clear to you, IDE hard discs have a very thick number of wires attached to it, while SATA uses only few wires.
    Well i am going too far with this but still i didn’t tell how to make your hard drive a slave. Well, its simple, you need to remove a small “thing” that is attached to two pins of many pins that is seen between the data connection cable and the electricity cable attached to the older hard drive.
    Well… If you are afraid to open up your computer and remove things, forget what I said, or if you need more explanation, let me know.
    I have opened up hundreds of computers and nothing got damaged! So why should anything bad happen to you!

    Hope this helps!

  3. oni

    If your computer is hooked up to the internet you could try to put your files on to the network places just goto my computer and look on the left there will be a box saying other places. In the box there is a shortcut called my network places open it up and place your files inside. All the computers on the network can take these files and copy them. Or you could try using a portable hardrive but the other way is free.

  4. look4freestuff

    Take out the hard drive from old computer and plug it into the new computer (DATA connector + power) . Hopefully your new computer will be able to identify. This way you can copy the contents or leave the drive as-is.

    Alternatively, u can connect the two computers through LAN cable. Check whether your new computer identifies the older. This URL gives you some info: –//compnetworking.about—/od/homenetworking/a/connecttwocomp.htm

    If the above two solutions doesn’t work, then copy all your data to a “different place” and then copy it back to your new computer. The “different place” can be one among the following:
    1. an external Hard Drive or a thumb drive (if your friend has 8GB or 16GB thumb drive, borrow it for a day)
    2. Online (internet) storage. There are tonnes of free websites on the net.

    Hope this helps…

    I love Zoo land 3D

  5. djayerupt

    Easy way?…remove your old hardrive from the case and hook it up to our new computer via usb port. Then drag and drop your files onto your new computer. Plug n play and copy.

    Purchase this cable and it is as easy as 1,2,3


    I did it flawlessly with no prior experience, 2 maybe 4 screws holding the hardrive and disconnected the cable it takes just a few minutes.


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