How do i hook another computer to an internet network?

spinoff: How do i hook another computer to an internet network?
I have 2 computers and i want to hook them both to the same network, I have the black box and i have had another computer hooked up to it, When we moved the computer around we never hooked the internet back up. How do i connect the internet to the old computer?


🙂 Misc Tech Advice
Buy a wireless router.
They are the same as a normal router, but with wireless capabilities, for the same or lower price.
Plug the internet into your router’s WAN port, and then the PC’s into 1-4 of the LAN ports.

A typical broadband router can support 4 wired clients and upwards of 4-8 wireless clients.

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2 thoughts on “How do i hook another computer to an internet network?

  1. Ricky_Critic

    Step 1
    Ensure that both computers have a LAN (or an Ethernet) card allowing the sharing of files and peripherals. Though all new computers and laptops are equipped with such cards, you may need to buy and attach LAN cards for older models.

    Step 2
    Connect the cable from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the Internet port of your router. Note that if you have an ADSL connection, your input cable would be a telephone line that needs to be inserted into the ADSL port of the router. For all other connections, you would have a thicker cable known as CAT5 (or CAT6).

    Step 3
    Take two Ethernet cables and plug them into the Ethernet ports of the router. Note that you will require a router with at least two Ethernet ports to share Internet on two computers. Plug the other end of each of the cables into the Ethernet port of the computers. If you have a router with a single Ethernet port, buy a switch or hub and connect the router with it (using the Ethernet cable). In turn, the switch (or hub) that includes at least two Ethernet ports will have to be connected to the computers.

    Step 4
    Switch on the router and the computers.

    Step 5
    Configure the router by referring to its user manual. The configuration process defers depending on the type and brand of the router. Once configured, you should be able to access Internet on both computers.

  2. Sam

    For this you need
    Router and two network cables………

    Now, follow the steps listed below:

    Step 1
    Get your router and cables. The majority of home networks use ethernet technology such as a router to connect two computers. This is the simplest method because the router will take care of the addressing for the computers. These methods are reliable and offer good performance.

    You will often hear of network cables being referred to as Cat-5, which is short for Category 5. The newer version of these cables is referred to as Cat-5E, which is Category 5 Enhanced. These are interchangeable for the average home user.
    Step 2
    Plug one cable into the network jack on each computer. Network cables look like a large version of a phone line that everyone is used to. The jack looks like a large phone jack and you plug it in the same way.
    Step 3
    Plug each network cable into the jacks on your router. Note that most routers have a jack for a modem to be plugged in. This port is usually outlined with a different color.
    Step 4
    Turn on the power or plug in the router and wait for all of the lights to stop flashing.
    Step 5
    Turn on each computer and wait for them to come completely up.
    Step 6
    All routers will have an address that you can type into your browser to let you change the router’s settings. The address is usually –//, but check your router manual to find the correct address if that one doesn’t work.
    Step 7
    Change your router password. This step is critical if you are using the router for Internet connection sharing. Under this setup, whenever your computer is powered on you will have access to the Internet–but anyone else on the Internet potentially has access to your computer.


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