What is the difference between these computer majors in college?

Rain Bow: What is the difference between these computer majors in college?
Computer Information Science
Computer Science
Computer Technology
Computer Network Technology

Could someone please tell me what they are and also,
their differences and similarities. You can also
include what jobs are related to each major, salary, etc.
Please tell me asap, so I can apply to colleges,
I am a senior in high school, confused about college,
thanks in advance


🙂 R.F.
You should look at the academic programs’ description for a clearly idea because there’s a lot of overlap and some schools could have slightly different names for their programs.

Generally this is how they are different.

Computer Information Science – This is a combined program of computer programming and data analysis from a business application focus. This is usually offered by the Business School of a college instead of the Engineering or Computer Technology department. If you want to be a technical business analyst, do this major.

Computer Science – This is pure computer concepts mostly from a software focus. This is a popular major for entry into a technical computer field, but it focuses more on sofware programming and much less on hardware technology. This is a good major for most entry leve IT position, but if you want to be a programmer, definitely do Computer Science.

Computer Technology – Usually this might be called Computer Engineering instead. But it’s the hardware technology side of computing. If you want to design and build computer systems, do this major.

Computer Network Technology – This might be a specialty of Computer Technology that focues on mainly networking hardware. If you want to work on mostly network design and construction, do this major.

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